Hoe kunnen we helpen?

We advise on Innovation, Vision Alignment, Integration, Architectural Constraints and Workflow Issues for AV/IT Integrated systems.

The diversity of people, technologies and projects varies tremendously. We are both thinkers and doers. We are one of the few organisations that works across the full information technology and audio visual spectrum. Our expertise bridges disciplines, including Collaborative Office Spaces, Corporate Conferences, Distance Learning, Education/Training, Medical/Healthcare, Command Centers, Operations Centers, Retail, Unified Communications, Video Conferencing, Sustainable AV, Presentation Centers, Digital Signage, Wayfinding, Building Information Systems, Room Scheduling, IPTV, Corporate Television, Rich Media, Webcasting, Media Asset Management and many others. We are able to orchestrate and customize each client needs to ensure a positive balance between enhanced experiences for endusers and economic benefits for clients.

We take on the complex challenges, the big asks, and the ‘never been done befores’ of the AV/IT world. We love what we do!

We do not sell or install equipment. We separate design expertise from selling equipment. We remove the temptation of self-interest and we do not benefit from a client choosing one equipment item or vendor over another.

Successful implementation demands early coordination. We engage all stakeholders early in the process such as End-Users, Facilities, IT, Executive Management, Designers, Architects, Vendors, System Integrators and Construction Teams.

What We Offer

Stay in sync with industry trends
The Audiovisual world is changing. The IT world will reinvent A/V according to its own vision. Google, Apple, Microsoft and Zoom now have dominant products in the meeting room space (Chromebox for meetings, AppleTV-AirPlay, Microsoft Surface Hub, Zoom Rooms) which have replaced existing traditional solutions because they have a fantastic understanding of the user experience.

Needs Assessment
Gathering appropriate and sufficient data to develop an effective solution that will address the client needs and wants. Identify stakeholders and end-user groups, ask appropriate questions to guide an AV/IT needs meeting and Conduct a design site survey.

Technology systems design and specification
Listening carefully to the client and design team requirements, providing information on technology and estimated costs required to achieve the goals and objectives, and prepare specifications and drawings that describe efficient, buildable solutions.

Program Management
Ensuring all aspects are properly addressed and coordinated throughout each phase of the program, including issues management, risks management, change control, resource planning & tracking, Financial Planning & Control, Client representation and many others.

Rescue Projects & Commissioning
We have experience restoring user confidence in a failed system. We assess the situation and present solutions to mediate the problem. We restore the trust by recommissioning the system.

Control Systems Programming Guideline
Assisting with setting standard user experience. We can make your smart technologies even smarter.

Systems Audit & Performance Verification
AV/IT systems take different forms, many of which are highly complex with myriad components working together to achieve a desired experience. It is needed to verify the system’s performance characteristics to ensure it operates as required and intended.

Adoption Strategy
An organisation might have the most state-of-the art technology in the world at its disposal but adoption will only occur when the user decides for themselves that he/ she wants to use it because it brings benefits to them and makes their life easier.